Marshal's of Dodge

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The Adventure Begins

John and Sarah start out at Des Moines as newly deputized, Deputy U.S. Marshal’s. They are called into the commander’s office and told that they have new and interesting things to talk about.
It is well known that the Agency is a very secretive organization that deals in all sorts of things never made public. Commander Josh Timmons tells them that they recently came into possession of one of the agents so called Black Books. He tells them that he wants them to investigate the strange tells the book has to offer. He also tells them that there is a man by the name of Jim Buckman in Dodge City. This man is spreading tales of strange happenings and should they accept this job, they should go check with him first.
John and Sarah accept the job. Josh tells them to hire any help they need, but like the agency, keep things under wrap. They board the train headed to Dodge, along the way John tells Sarah he knows a good tracker by the name of Joe that he has worked with a few times. They make it to dodge and send word to a few places John knows Joe hangs around.

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Dodge, Kat and Nathan

Dodge is a busy place. Dodge offers about anything you are looking for, from saloons to stores for anything you need and even a brothel or two. Dodge City is a rough place even with it’s no gun carrying policy, which is very strictly enforced. Dodge has its good people, but also hosts a lot of criminals.

John and Sarah get freshened up from their travels and head to the saloon. While there they meet Nathan Gray, who is a blessed like Sarah and Kathleen Tanner also called Kat. Kat is a professional gambler and a good shot with a gun. They are intrigued by the story John and Sarah tell them and join the group.

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Meeting Jim Buckman

They arrange to have lunch with Jim Buckman the next day. Jim tells them that he has heard of many strange happenings in Kansas and the surrounding states. He tells them about the city of Coldwater Kansas and how there are tells of strange creatures like wolves roaming the woods west of town. He tells them if they are interested in checking on that, that they should pay Hank Jessip the lumber mill owner a visit. He was in Dodge a week or so back and told of being attacked while trying to cut trees there.
Then he goes on telling them about the stories of the walking dead in several towns in and around Kansas.

The cities he has heard about were.
Sterling, Co.
Eldorado Springs, Mo.
Pawhuska, Ok.
Buffalo, Ok.
Stockton, Ks.

The group thanks him and goes their way. John heads over to the telegraph office and finds that Joe has replied and is on his way. So the group decides to wait in Dodge a few days until Joe arrives.

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Joe, Brian and Outlaws, oh my!!

When Joe arrives the group heads out for Coldwater. About a half a day out the group sees dust rising ahead of them to the right. They get their guns ready for trouble when they see a lone rider coming towards them at a gallop. Behind him looked to be six to eight riders’ hell bent on catching him. As he gallops up to them he yelled, “Bandits!”
The group gets off their horses and get cover. Soon the bandits dismounted about a hundred feet away and the fight was on. After a long fight and a few wounds that were healed by the blessed in the group the bandits were dealt with. The lone rider introduced himself as Brian Cody. He joins the group, because the money sounds good and the adventure sparks something inside him.

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The party makes it to Coldwater with no further incidences. Once there they find the lumber mill and Hank tells them of his contract with a local rancher to clear the land of the trees. In exchange he gets to keep the lumber for his mill. He tells them that he and his son have tried a couple of times only to be run off by them strange wolves. The wolves he describes as huge wolves with the look of being rabid and gangly, only they slobber blood and have red eyes. They also find out his son Bart is an expert with carving and engraving wood. Kat is really impressed and orders a nice set of grips for her pistol with aces on them.
They rest up the night and head into the woods the next morning. Not long after entering the woods they are attacked by eight of the wolves. It is a mean fight, but eventually the party put them down. Sarah and Nathan heal everyone’s wounds through prayer.
Then they make their way to the heart of the hundred and fifty acre wooded plot to be confronted by two of the Blood Wolves the size of horses. It is a tough fight with many wounds to heal. John was severally bitten in the shoulder and Brian in the neck, but through serious prayer they are healed.

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The Farm

Then the group decides to check out the rumors of the walking dead. They decide to head to Buffalo first since it is closest. Not far out of Coldwater Joe points out some smoke rising in the distance. They pick up the pace and head that way. When they top the rise they see the back of a log cabin that is smoking and some horses moving about. To the left is a barn and a small corral. Then they hear a woman scream and a few gunshots. When they get to the back of the cabin half of them go left and the others right around the cabin. When they get to the front they see six outlaws pushing a naked woman back and forth between them. The woman appears to be around six months pregnant. There is two men lying on the ground, one is bleeding from his stomach and the other from his head.
One of the outlaws yells, “We got company!” and the shooting commences. When the smoke clears the outlaws lay dying or dead and several of the group needs healed.

The man with the stomach wound is healed and the other with the head wound is also healed from being pistol whipped. The one with the head wound is the woman’s seventeen year old brother and the other her husband. Then kids come out of the barn and they find out the woman is pregnant with her sixth child although she is only in her mid-twenties. John and Brian notice the outlaws are wanted and tie up the ones still alive to take back to Dodge. The group stays the night there to head back to Dodge the next day. They are treated to a good dinner and breakfast and they decide to give the family four hundred dollars from the bounty.
The woman named Nancy goes with them to Dodge and they give her the money, then they head on to Buffalo.

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On to Buffalo

When they reach Buffalo it is getting late and they see the place almost looks a ghost town. The few people they see out are quickly shuttering windows and locking doors. As they entered town they can feel a heavy aura of fear and foreboding. When they get to the hotel the man is closing the door. He tells them if they plan on staying there to get their horses put up and get in here. After they came in he locks the doors and went about closing the shutters on the windows. They get rooms and settle in for the night. They inquire about the goings on in the town from the people staying in the hotel. They are told that people that have died are seen walking the streets. Some dead many years and some recently deceased.
One man in there seemed to know more and tells them about the demise of Marshal Buckman. He tells them Old man Buckman tried to stop a band of outlaws that came to town causing trouble and the town did not help him when they should have and he was killed right out in the street. His wife cursed the town and not long after that all the Buckman kids showed up and there was some strange things went on while they were cooped up in that house. Soon they were all gone and no one has seen Cali his widow except now and then she is seen in a long flowing dress roaming the streets at night. They say she looks ghostly in appearance.

The group decides to go to bed and check the grave yard in the morning. The next morning the town seems to be a normal busy little town. They have breakfast and head to the graveyard. Once there they spot a mausoleum with the family name of Buckman on it. When the enter they see several corpses lying about with stairs going down. But as they are taking this all in the corpses began to rise and the fight was on. They back out into the grave yard for more room to fight, but there were more zombies coming out of graves. It was a tough fight, but the group won with good shooting skills and well-timed heals from the blessed. When they descend the stairs they found a casket lying on a stone slab. They decide they didn’t come all this way for nothing and removed the lid. They see a woman lying in there and by all descriptions it matches Cali Buckman, however they have no time to discuss this as her eyes pop open and she jumps up, they start shooting her with no apparent result, she still kept coming. She was very strong and her claws ripped at them, threatening to shred them. About this time Nathan remembered an old story he had read a few years back about a Vampire and that he was killed by piercing the heart. He yelled out, “Shoot for the heart!”
They began shooting her in the chest trying to hit her heart. A few times she recoiled, seeming to be hurt from a shot. Joe was ripped open in the guts by one of her swings, but Nathan was there laying hands on him while saying a prayer. This seemed to be getting them nowhere so John yelled, “Everyone out!” The girls ran out first followed by Joe and just as Nathan was headed to the door John pulled up his double barreled shotgun and unloaded both barrels into her chest to try to give them time to escape. But it did much worst, she let out a scream, started shaking, her skin started drying and what seemed like cracks of fire formed all over her body and they watched as she burned to ash before their eyes. The others came back down and they discussed this for some time. At this point Nathan decided he was going to collect all the materials he could find to learn about undead.
When they resurfaced it seemed the heaviness and foreboding the town was under had lifted. When they got back into the main part of town they could tell the townsfolk sensed it also. They were treated as heroes and sent off with their blessings.

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The Ambush

The group decides to go on to Pawhuska. A few days out they ride through a washout and suddenly from both side gun fire erupts. Sensing a no win situation, John yells, “Ride through.”
Several of them are nicked or slightly wounded, with Sarah taking a serious wound to the shoulder and Brian seriously wounded in the thigh.
When they get through the ambush they dismount and start returning fire. Nathan heals Sarah and Brian before starting to return fire himself. It doesn’t look good for the party at first, but slowly the tide turns their way and the leader of the other group yells, “Fall back!”
A few of them drop as they retreat. The leader stops at one of the fallen and lets out a dreadful yell. Then he turns and yells pointing towards John, “I’ll kill you, you bastard!”
He starts that way, but two of his men stop him and lead him back to the horses and they escape.

Sarah and Nathan heal the remaining small wounds and the group rummage the belongings of the fallen.
They figure out that they are Confederate soldiers turned outlaw after the war. They mount up and head on to Pawhuska.

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Pawhuska or Bust

The group arrives at Pawhuska and find the same aura of dread and foreboding that was in Buffalo. They still had a few hours of daylight and spent that time asking around about the goings on in the small settlement. They find the Marshals office and find he offers them the best information. He tells them that at night they sometimes see a few of the townsfolk who have gone missing roaming the streets. He also tells them that as long as you stay in your house and keep the door locked you are okay. He tells them that the house on the hill is where he thinks the evil is coming from. They look at the house when they leave and see a three story house on the hill. It look scary and like something out of a ghost story. By this time though it is getting dark and they decide to get indoors and check it out in he morning.

That night as they are getting ready for bed a young beautiful woman appears at Kat and Sarah’s window. She waves at them and asks for them to let her in, that it is cold out here. Though very beautiful, she is pale and there is something eerie about her. They will not let her in and she leaves. She visits all the rooms the group occupies and finds no one to let her in. The last room she visits is Nathans. He won’t let her in, but she begs him to help her. He still won’t let her in, but vows to help her. She hisses at him and leaves the hotel.

The next day the group heads to the house on the hill. When they enter they see a very luxurious although poorly maintained house. They check the ground floor and find nothing, so they go up to the second floor. On the second floor they find a man laying in a bed, he is pale and does not wake. They leave him and go to the third floor where they find the young lady who visited their rooms last night, also asleep in the bed. They leave her also on Nathans idea that if they kill the lead Vampire, they may be able to save the rest.

They make their way down to the main floor and search for a way into the basement. Kat finds the entrance in the pantry. When they get to the basement they find them selves in a wine room with another door in the back wall. They enter the room to find a woman and man laying on a huge bed. As they approach the bed the woman comes flying out of the bed at Sarah, while the man rolls out the other side and heads toward Joe. The woman surprised Sarah and she was not ready for her advance. She grabbed Sarah’s head pushing her back to the wall and smashing her head into it. The group seen it and heard the crack when her head hit. Sarah crumpled into a heap on the ground and did not move, leaving a trail of blood down the wall. This enraged most the group and they attacked with a fury, but soon found they were up to their necks in trouble. They were not just dealing with one vampire, but two. Bullet after bullet seemed to have no effect. During this Nathan moved to Sarah hoping to find a hint of life left in her, but he found none at a glance. Hoping and praying for the best he laid his hands upon her praying that Father in heaven hear his plea and save her life. He sat there for what seemed an eternity, but in reality the others knew it was just a few moments, when she took in a deep breath and her eyes fluttered open. He gave thanks and finished healing her, then went to help others who were in rough shape.

The fight raged on with the male vampire focused on Joe, who was holding his own against him. The female seemed focused on Brian and John. Sarah got to her feet and rejoined the fight, helping to heal when needed. She still seemed a little out of sorts and numb. Kat had backed herself into a corner and was out of harms way, but she could not seem to get a shot in to really hurt the monsters. Then suddenly the female grabbed Brian around the neck and held him up in the air chocking him. This made her stand still just long enough that Kat got time to aim a shot and fired. She dropped Brian and shrieked as she stumbled back holding her chest, she slowly burned to ash and crumbled to dust as well as the male vampire. Kat jumped excitedly and squealed, “I got her!”

They healed up and rested a few minutes, then headed upstairs. Sarah stumbled a time or two on the stairs, so Nathan helped her on up. On the second floor they found a pile of ash in the bed. When they got to the girl on the third floor, she was shaking and running a very high fever. Nathan healed her and she calmed down. She woke and looked confused and frightened, Nathan tried to comfort her and told her, “I told you I would help you.” She was in a ratty nightgown, so Nathan wrapped his suit coat around her and they headed back to town. She told them, “My name was Madalyn, but everyone calls me Maddy.” She told them what she could remember of what happened to her. They got her some clothes and got her cleaned up. John went and told the Marshal all was taken care of, but he already suspected since the dread was gone like before in the other town. He told John that he should get Maddy out of town for her own safety.
They decided to take her with them and she could help with camp chores. The next morning they had to disband a mob that was determined to hang Maddy.

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