• Jim Buckman

    Jim Buckman

    Jim is a reporter for the Ford County Globe in Dodge City, Ks. His stories of things that hide in dark places has gained him a reputation that almost rivals The Tombstone Epitaph's, Lacy O'Malley
  • Joe Donovan

    Joe Donovan

    Joe is a half-breed Indian. He grew up in the Oklahoma territory. He has worked on many occasions as a tracker for the Union.
  • Josh Timmons

    Josh Timmons

    Head of the Des Moines office of the U.S. Marshal's.
  • Madalyn 'Maddy' Sterling

    Madalyn 'Maddy' Sterling

    Maddy is a 18 year old brown haired beauty.
  • Margret


    Margret owns and operates the Watering Hole Saloon in Buffalo, Oklahoma Territory.
  • Sarah Masters

    Sarah Masters

    Sarah had a rough early childhood. She was later adopted by a loving family. She folowed in her fathers footsteps and became a Deputy U.S. Marshal.