Brian Cody

Tall good looking with dark hair and hazel eyes. Adventurous and Dedicated.

Deputy U.S. Martial Age: 25 Sex: Male Height: 6’ Weight: 170 Home Town: Abilene, Texas

Agility of d8: +Fighting d4 Shooting d10
Smarts of d4: + Gambling d4 Notice d6 Streetwise d4 Survival d4 Tracking d6 Knowledge
d6 <outlaws>
Spirit d6: + Guts d6 + 2 Intimidation d6
Strength d4: + Climbing d4
Vigor: d8

Derived Stats
Charisma 0
Pace d6
Perry d4
Toughness d6
Guts + 2
Domination 0
Weight Limit 20
Total Weight Limit 80
Encumbrance 0

Code of Honor
Vow: To the Marshal

Nack: 7th Son
True Grit: + 1 to Guts
Quick Draw

Worst Nightmare
To be lost in the desert

Wears a vest and has two peacemakers and a Winchester


Brian Cody was born in Abilene, Texas. His father was a barber and into his shop walked all kinds of people with tells of war, political disputes, and tells about Texas Rangers. So when he matured somewhat he cast his eye toward the town marshal’s office. He lost the bid to an older more experienced man and so he decided to go join the Texas Rangers because his desire was in the direction of law enforcement. He was turned down there because of his age. His father died and his mother remarried a man that he did not like and there was always trouble between them. A few years later he approached the Texas Rangers again to be accepted into their service. He was sent to see a judge who granted him a novice position in the Rangers.

As a novice he learned to use a gun well because there was little for a novice to do but hang around and learn the laws that governed the area and regulations of the Ranger’s service. He had been passed over several times by the commander for promotion to a full Texas Ranger. He found out that he was not too happy with Brian’s questioning about certain covert Ranger activity. For the lack of better things to do he began investigating their activity on his own. He learned who a few of the elite Rangers were and would buy them drinks and talk to the every chance he got. Then one day he bought a drink to an extremely troubled Ranger and he began to drink heavily. This loosened his lips and Brian heard the most frighten, horror story he had ever heard. He took the information to the commander and showed him the notes he had been keeping and asked him to put him into that unit as a full Ranger. The commander shoved the papers back at him and said they were just ramblings of drunken men and it was all a bunch of bull shit. Disappointed he went his way and later that night while he was at the saloon someone broke into his room and ransacked it. All of his notes, observation and papers were gone.

Then when he started for home he was ambushed by several men, but he was close to a watering trough and took cover behind it. In the flash from a gun he saw the face of the drunk he had befriended. The Rangers were trying to kill him because he had been investigating their covert activities. The shooting drew the attention of the town martial and some deputies, and he walked away unscathed.

The next day the sun found him on his horse heading out of town, his gear tied to the back of his saddle. He no longer what to be in the Texas Rangers and he knew they would have their men looking for him. After traveling a ways, he caught a glimpse of something shiny on a rise off to one side and when he looked a bullet grazed the saddle horn and ricocheted off into a nearby tree. He set his horse to galloping and rode hard until it was about to drop before slowing down to save his steed. He knew he had to get out of Texas. He had not broken any laws, but he felt sure the commander had put a price on his head. Safely across the border he began to roam looking for work and visiting small towns here and there.

One day he was being chased by a gang of bandits and when he came over a rise there was several people riding toward him at a leisure pace. They were his salvation, so he galloped into the group and shouted that he needed help as he pulled his horse to a stop. They all slid off their horses and took cover. When the smoke had cleared the bandits lay dead or wounded. It turned out that two of them were U.S. Marshals and the other deputies. He was delighted and joined them.

Brian Cody

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