Joe Donovan

Joe is a half-breed Indian. He grew up in the Oklahoma territory. He has worked on many occasions as a tracker for the Union.


Joe has straight d6 stats, with an d8 spirit. He has d8’s in tracking, survival and stealth skills

He carries x2 Colt Peacemaker double-action revolvers.
He also has a Winchester 76.


Joe grew up in the Oklahoma Territory. His father owned and operated a Trading Post. His mother was a squaw, his father employed. He finally married her when Joe was five.
Joe spent his time around a lot of Indians and learned a lot of his skills from them. He would go out trapping and his father being a fair man paid Joe for the skins just as he did the other Indians. When Joe was sixteen he started working as a scout for the Union. He did that until the war ended and then he would work odd jobs here and there as needed.
He worked with John a few times tracking outlaws into the Oklahoma territories or into the Coyote Confederation.

Father: Alvin (Big Al) Donovan
Mother: Morning Dove

Joe Donovan

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