Josh Timmons

Head of the Des Moines office of the U.S. Marshal's.


Agility: d10, Shooting d12, Fighting d8, Riding d8
Smarts: d10, Notice d10, Intimidate d10, Streetwise d10, Survival d10, Tracking d8, Knowledge: d12 (Outlaws), Knowledge d12 (Law)
Spirit: d8, Guts d10+2, Persuasion d12
Strength: d8
Vigor: d10

Hindrances: Bum leg (Major); Vow, The law (Major)
Edges: Quick Draw, Hip shooting, Lightning fast


Josh spent many years chasing outlaws and righting wrongs as a U.S Marshal. His leg was severely injured in a shootout with an outlaw he had chased across 3 states. Not long after that he became head of the Des Moines branch and has been there since.
He is a fair man, but takes upholding the law very serious.

Josh Timmons

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