Kathleen Tanner

Southern Belle who fled the south and took up a life as a gambler and Deputy U.S. Marshal


d6 Agility – Fighting: d4; Shooting: d8
d8 Smarts – Gambling: d10; Notice: d6; Streetwise: d6; Taunt: d6; Knowledge (Math): d6
d6 Spirit – Guts: d6+1
d4 Strength –
d6 Vigor -

Hindrances: Loyal (Minor); Wanted for Treason in the C.S.A. (Major); Phobia of snakes (Minor)
Edges: Card Sharp; Attractive

Shootin’ Irons
Colt Peacemaker
Winchester 76
English 1840


Kathleen (Kat) Evelyn Tanner
Kathleen Evelyn Tanner was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her Father, Henry Allen Tanner was a wealthy banker who also had numerous investments in gold mining in the area. Her mother was Susannah Annabelle Tanner, daughter to Pierre and Alice Dubois, one of the richest families in North Carolina. She grew up in a life of wealth and privilege. She attended the finest schools money could buy and went to the best finishing school in America to learn to be a lady.
At eighteenth, after graduating finishing school, Kathleen was engaged to William Carter Honewood, a Colonel in the Confederate Army and a man fifteen years her senior. This was an arranged marriage she protested from the beginning. However, she was a proper southern girl and knew her place. She eventually accepted her fate knowing she would never love him. Soon after the wedding, William went north to fight the Yanks. While he was away, she met Thomas Berryman. Thomas was suave and daring and she found herself swept up by his charms and fell deeply in love. When William came home she was the attentive wife but when he left she would run into Thomas’ arms. As her love grew so did her discontentment with her marriage. Then one day Thomas began asking her questions about when William would leave, where he would be going and how long he would be away. At first she thought his questions were about finding time for them to be together but after a while his questions became more direct. She soon began to suspect that his questions had little to do with finding time together. She confronted him and he confessed. He was a spy for the north but he swore his love for her was real. He promised to take her with him when he went back home to Pennsylvania, but he needed more information to take north before he could leave. After some consideration, she agreed to help him. She was young and in love and never considered the consequences of her decision.
Kathleen has always had an adventurous spirit and she found herself caught up in the thrill and danger of playing spy. To her, it was all a grand adventure. She never once seriously considered what would happen if she got caught. When William would return home, she would find ways to sneak information to Thomas. Sometimes she would write down what he told her. Sometimes she would sneak away after William was asleep and copy things from his document pouch. Other times she would bring the pouch to Thomas late at night and return it before morning. One night William came from an important meeting carrying some new documents in his pouch. It was late when he returned and he told her he would be heading north first thing in the morning. She knew by the way William was acting that this was important information and she didn’t have much time to get it to Thomas, so she made a decision. She took her husband to bed and thoroughly exhausted him. After he was fast asleep, she sneaked from the room, quietly got dressed, took the document pouch and headed to see Thomas. They discovered plans for a big attack up north. This was the most important information she had brought him so far. They both knew there was no time to copy the documents but the information was too important to ignore. After a short discussion the decision was made. He took the documents and replaced them with sheets of blank paper. He told her to return the pouch and wait for him there. He would come get her well before dawn and they would escape before her husband woke.
Kathleen walked home with visions of her and Thomas living out their lives together in a small farm cottage in Pennsylvania surrounded by their children and grandchildren. As she walked onto the porch of the house she saw William standing in the living room looking through his travel pack. She knew instantly what he was looking for. She stood frozen on the porch trying to fight back the panic and trying to think of what to do. Before she thought to move he looked around at her. She tried to smile and pretend nothing was wrong but her fear and panic betrayed her. His look said it all, how could you betray me like this. She did the only thing she could think of, she ran.
She ran a long ways before stopping to consider what to do. Thomas, she thought, I have to get to Thomas. She ran to his house and beat on the door but there was no answer. She used the key he gave her and entered calling for him. She searched the house but he was not there. His clothes and all his belongings were gone. She looked desperately for a note or some indication of where he might have gone but found nothing. For the first time in her life, Kathleen felt abandoned and scared. She sat trembling unsure what to do. Then she realized that sitting there feeling sorry for herself wasn’t going to help her. She gathered her courage and thought, Thomas would not leave me. He promised to come get me. She knew he would come get her at her house and that would be extraordinarily dangerous.
Kathleen circled through town fighting back the fear and praying no one would see her at this late hour. As she approached her house she heard voices. She slipped into the shadows of a house across the street where she had a good view of the front of her house. She saw William and several soldiers standing on the porch talking. They soon split up and began searching but four soldiers remained behind and took up hidden positions both inside and outside the house. She found a safe place to hide closer to the street where she could watch hoping to see Thomas before he got to the house and warn him.
After an unendurably long time she saw Thomas riding up the street across the house from her. She realized she had no way to warn. Panic and fear flooded through her muddling her mind. She couldn’t think of what to do. She sat frozen feeling helpless as she watched him ride closer to the house. When he dismounted in front of the porch, the panic bloomed to sheer terror taking her breath and freezing her limbs in place. Just as he stepped up on the porch, her mind snapped. Without willing it she found herself running into the street screaming, “Thomas run!” He stopped and looked at her. In that instant the world seemed to slow to a crawl. She saw the soldiers begin to move out of hiding almost as if they were moving through water. Their movements drew Thomas’ attention. She could make out every detail on his face as Thomas realized the danger. His eyes went wide with fear and he turned to run, a reaction of blind panic. He barely got off the porch before she heard the crack and seen the blinding flash of the first shot. She screamed as she saw Thomas stagger and fall to his knees. He staggered to his feet, blood turning his white shirt black in the dim darkness of the night. There was another crack and bright flash as flame jetted from the barrel of another rifle. His body jerked from the second impact and he fell face down on the street and did not move. Ice form in her veins as one of the soldiers turned and looked at her. Kathleen didn’t think, she just ran. She never looked back, but ran until she came to the edge of the city. She went into a barn and stole a horse and saddle and rode north not stopping until she could ride no more.
Kathleen drifted from town to town. She had no money and no way to earn any. It seemed, wherever she went there was a wanted poster with her picture on it. She was offered a job by more than one madam but she was a cultured southern girl and would not stoop to prostitution. Then one night she found a back alley game of poker. Several of the men invited her to join in more for her company than her money seeing as how she had none. One of the men staked her and she soon found that not only did she like the game but had a knack for it. It seemed the men were always more interested in her than the cards and she quickly learned to use her southern charms to distract them from the game. Then she met a gambler named Jack Wilde whom everyone called Jacks Wild. They drifted north out of the CSA where that wanted poster did not follow. Over the next two years he taught her the game well enough to more than make a living at it and she started going by the name of Kat. One night, as they walked back to the hotel together, Jack met a .45 in the back after taking the shooter for $45 at the poker table. When the man turned to run Kat pulled a gun from her purse and shot him dead. She was let off with a warning not to return to New Jersey. The next morning Kat boarded a stage coach headed west.

Kathleen Tanner

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