Madalyn 'Maddy' Sterling

Maddy is a 18 year old brown haired beauty.


Maddy has straight d6 stats with a d10 strength. She is skilled in herbal remedies.

She carries a Colt Peacemaker revolver.
She has a Winchester 76 rifle.


Maddy grew up in the small settlement of Pawhuska, Oklahoma Territory. Her mother died when she was only four years old. Her father remarried when she was eight years old. The woman was chinese and taught Maddy in the ways of herbal remedies. Her father was the wealthiest man in town and had built a 3 story house on the hill overlooking town. One night when she was eighteen a pale looking woman showed up at the door. She said she did not feel well and could she come in. They invited her in and soon the whole family was dead, all except Maddy, who the woman turned into a Vampire. Maddy stalked the town for three years until the party of marshal’s came to town. That night she approached each of their room windows trying to gain entrance, but was denied by all. At the last window she pleaded with Nathan to let her in, when he told her that he knew what she was, she pleaded with him to help her. The next day they entered the house and killed the Vampire woman who had had created Maddy and two others. All the Vampires except Maddy was killed and Maddy was saved by the blessed in the group through healing and prayer. Maddy could not stay there because the town wanted to hang her. So the marshal’s took her with them.
Though she is human again, she retained a great amount of the strength that she possessed as a Vampire.

Madalyn 'Maddy' Sterling

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