Nathan Gray

Dark hair and brown eyes. Always wears a suit.


Deputy U.S. Marshal Age: 27 Sex: Male Height 5’10" Weight: 165 Home Town: Kansas City, Kansas

Abilities and skills
Agility d6: Fighting d4 Shooting d8
Smarts d6: Investigation d4 Notice d6 survival d4 Knowledge: Undead d4
Spirit d8: Guts 6 + 1 Persuasion d4 Faith d10 + 2
Strength d4:
Vigor d6:

Derived Stats
Charisma 0
Pace d6
Perry d4
Toughness d5
Guts +1
Domination 0
Weight Limit: 20
Total Weight Limit: 80
Endurance 0

Vow: To God

Conviction: +2 to Faith
Arcane Resistance: +2 against Magic / +2 to resist powers

Worst Nightmare
Fear if offending God

Carries two peacemakers and a Winchester


Nathan Gray was born in Kansas City, Kansas to Reverend and Mrs. Gray. His father was the preacher of the local church. His father was a hell fire and brimstone preacher and his mother was a devout woman. The only thing was that their religion brought many stripes to his back and many times he would go to bed hungry. If this was religion he wanted no part of it. He turned bitter toward the church, but he had a love for God. He took his Bible and went out day after day and sat by the creek and read it. He was sure from what he had read and seen in the scriptures that God did not approve of the ways of religion. It was just not right and did not represent him to the people. One day while setting under the tree at the creek he had a vision of the Lord and went with the Savior throughout his journey in the Holy Land. It was so real to him that he was not sure if it was a vision, or if he was actually there. The vision was accompanied by sight, sounds and smells. It all was so real. He would come to himself and hurry home to do the evening choirs and could hardly wait to return to the tree of vision. When he was not at the creek the things he had seen and heard hung in the air around him and replayed themselves in his mind over and over. During that time he was almost overwhelmed by what he felt like was the presence of the lord.

When he became a man he left the farm and the religion of his parents behind and set out on a quest to visit other churches and see if any followed the Lord ways. Along the way he would stay long enough to earn money doing odd job and had bought a horse to make his going easier and one day he found a dead man lying in the ditch beside the road. He was wearing a gun and on his vest was a badge. He took the gun and the man into the next town and turned him over to the town martial, but he kept the gun to kill food and he soon learned how to hit a rabbit with one shot. Though he had lost the presence of the Lord he had while having the visions, he still knew he was nearby watching him. He still read the Bible to get a better understanding of God’s ways, and talked to him even though there never was an answer. Sometimes he would have a dream that granted him some spiritual awakening or guidance and he knew it was from the Lord.

He had a desire to go see his folks even though he was never too close to them. They were both in bad health when he arrived so he stayed there until they passed away. His brothers and sisters went to Joplin, Missouri to live with his father’s relatives so he seen them off on the stage. Then he heard that several Kansas ranchers were driving a herd of cattle to market in Dodge City, so he signed up because he needed the money. He collected his pay in Dodge and spent some time there.

While entering the Long Branch Saloon he bought a newspaper to catch up on what was happening. In the paper was a strange story about people raising from their graves and haunting a town. He went to the newspaper office and talked to the reporter, but did not learn anything other that the story was a interesting rummer. Then one day two U. S. Marshals came in and was setting at a table talking about finding the reporter that had written the undead article. Nathan went over and asked if he could join them and told them where they could find the reporter. He wanted to go with them to investigate the strange happening because it intrigued him. While there a beautiful southern woman gambler dressed her finery came over and said she had heard the conversation and want to go with them too. So they all went to talk to the reporter and found out the name of the towns that were being haunted, so they set out to investigate.

Nathan Gray

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