Sarah Masters

Sarah had a rough early childhood. She was later adopted by a loving family. She folowed in her fathers footsteps and became a Deputy U.S. Marshal.


Sarah is a Blessed. She has straight d6 stats with an d8 spirit. Her Faith skill is a d10+2.

She carries x2 Colt Peacemaker, double-action revolvers.
She also has a Winchester 76 rifle.


Sarah’s younger life was spent in the town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Her father was a Hellfire and Brimstone Preacher who traveled a lot. Her mother was a religious fanatic who did not know much about being a mother. Sarah was never shown much love from her parents and especially her mother. Very little she done was considered good and she was never acknowledged for anything she done right. She spent almost half her young life it seemed locked in the closet. She cried a lot and prayed for help from the lord. Then one day it came when she was 8 years old. She was in the closet praying and she heard the lords voice tell her, “Stay calm my child, I will soon deliver you from your bonds.” A few weeks later she was outside washing some clothes when she felt lead to leave her home. She did not hesitate and got up and left, never looking back. That evening she was tired and hungry as it was beginning to get dark. She heard a noise up ahead of her and there came a woman in a wagon. She stopped and watched the woman approached, the woman had a surprised, but thrilled look on her face. The woman looked at her with a look that warmed Sarah’s heart, it was a look of love that she had always wanted from her mom.
She said, “You must be Sarah.”
“How did you know that?”
“I had a dream a few nights past, in the dream a man came to me and told me to head to Cedar Rapids. That there was a little girl named Sarah that needed me.”
“So you came for me?”
“I woke after the dream and thought it just that, but when I woke the next morning it was a yearning to strong to ignore.”
“God sent you to me didn’t he?”
“I know he did sweet heart.”
She climbed into the wagon with her and they traveled back to Des Moines. The woman’s name was Laura Masters and her Husband’s name was Ted.
They had lost their only daughter Kathy to pneumonia a few month’s back. Laura was unable to have anymore children after Kathy. Sarah was taken in and shown love like she had never known. They adopted her, (She told the Judge her parents were killed by Indians) she grew up with the most loving mother and father when he was home.
Her father was a Deputy U.S. Marshal. Two years ago her father was wounded badly in the leg and retired from the marshal job to open a gun shop in Des Moines.
They were not real happy when they found out she was going to become a U.S. Marshal, but down deep inside it made her father proud.

Sarah Masters

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