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  • Sarah Masters

    Sarah’s younger life was spent in the town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Her father was a Hellfire and Brimstone Preacher who traveled a lot. Her mother was a religious fanatic who did not know much about being a mother. Sarah was never shown much love from her …

  • Madalyn 'Maddy' Sterling

    Maddy grew up in the small settlement of Pawhuska, Oklahoma Territory. Her mother died when she was only four years old. Her father remarried when she was eight years old. The woman was chinese and taught Maddy in the ways of herbal remedies. Her father …

  • Margret

    Margret was co-owner of the Watering Hole with George Merit. George died in the initial attack of the undead. After the Marshal's cleaned up the town she re-opened the Watering Hole. She was a saloon girl before becoming the owner. She has given up those …

  • Jim Buckman

    Jim is the fourth of five children born to Jack and Cali Buckman. The children are in this order. Jason: 1st born, son Sissy: 2nd born, daughter Cassey: 3rd born, daughter Jim: 4th born, son Josey: 5th born, son